Halo & Co

Founded by creative duo Nicola & Stephanie Ball, Halo & Co are providers of cutting-edge luxury costume jewellery creations that strive to continually impress. Life began growing-up close to the Yorkshire Moors, with time spent in their local seamstress shop rummaging through a myriad of button boxes! A grounding that accentuated their love for vintage jewellery that developed, prompting Stephanie to train in the front line of the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter whilst Nicola studied for a BA (Honours) Fashion Degree at Nottingham University.

Nicola finished her education at the New York Fashion Institute, whilst in New York City working for design house Karl Lagerfeld. On returning home she joined Stephanie to create their own business, in order to fulfil their creative ambitions. Halo & Co now has a 20 year pedigree in the creation of internationally awarded headpieces for the Bridal market.

Halo & Co’s work quickly became synonymous with quality and blue-sky thinking, which has driven the brand towards the discerning end of the market and into the hands of the rich and famous.

With two decades of awards, rewards and accolades behind the Company, Halo & Co continues to pioneer, across multi-level accessory markets. This year sees the launch of their highly anticipated luxury costume jewellery collection. A natural progression for the business after supplying over half a million brides with accessories!

Their craftsmanship and techniques equal that of precious jewellery, but Halo & Co’s unique signature celebrates vintage styling with a modern twist and the new range is exciting existing clients and intriguing new customers worldwide.

Noted for their definitive style of bold statement pieces, their work has niched within international fashion domains. The reinvention of materials used is intelligent and considered, visually exciting, captivating yet commercially astute.

Halo & Co pioneer innovative design for the perspicacious amongst us.