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Boxing And Dry Clean Service…

Boxing and Dry Clean Service…

Once you’ve had your big day most brides have no idea where is reliable to go to get their dress cleaned and boxed up. This is a service we now offer here at Noble and Wright. We offer a specialist Dry Clean, repair and boxing service starting from £150.

You might wonder why it’s so important to get this done. If your dress has been marked on the day (which undoubtedly it will be) because of the fabrics and pale colour of wedding dresses its important to get these marks removed as soon as possible to avoid the marks permanently staining the fabric. It’s also important that once this has been done that the garments are packaged properly in acid free tissue paper to avoid the garment turning yellow and discolouring.

We order organise the cleaning, fix any repairs that may have happened on day e.g. tears or rips in the fabric and then we box it all up for you in a stylish wedding dress box ensuring its condition is kept as immaculate as possible.

Treasure your dress and the memories it created.

Box and dry clean serviceGet in touch with us now to arrange this.

The Noble and Wright Team xx

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