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Collection by 29 Atelier

Noble and Wright are delighted to be a flagship stockist and bring to Leicestershire the collection by luxury British bridal wear brandĀ  29 AtelierĀ 

There is a extrordinary tale as to why I choose this brand; Liz and I have a unique connection as not only have we previously worked together for many years with a rich friendship born from family connection but 29 Atelier embodies everything I feel passionate about in bridal wear. All garments are hand made; ethically and sustainably produced in London by artisans using authentic beautiful fabrics. The collection looks to inspire a new generation of bride who will look beyond the silhouette of a wedding dress and will also love the beauty and care that has been placed into creating each design, knowing their dress has been not only been created just for them but with a care and consideration as to who has made it and what it is made from.

Every piece in the collection is considered with the client in mind: the ideology that the outfit should not only look stunning but feel wonderful to the wear too.

”I have watched Liz develop as a designer over the years and bring her dream into reality and I am thrilled to have shared the journey with her and bring to Leicestershire a fantastic array of dresses and styles to WOW all of our brides.”

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