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Picking Your Dress Tips…

Picking your dress tips…

As the season for wedding dress searching for the upcoming year is upon us we have lots of new brides booking appointments to come and find their dress.  We often get asked what to expect from the appointments and so we thought we would share with you our recommendations for your first visit for you to make the most of the experience.

  1. Please don’t bring too many people.

We completely understand that you want to share this experience with the people you love however trust us when we say, the more people you bring the harder you will find the appointment.  We always find that brides get far more out of an initial consultation when there are fewer people with her. Lots of different opinions can be quite overwhelming for the bride, especially when they are also trying to figure out what they like. Remember it’s your dress and you have to feel amazing it in so just reply on opinions of those you really trust and value. We would suggest bringing no more than 2-3 people. Don’t forget there will be plenty of opportunities to involve others at your fittings.

  1. We welcome any ideas if you have them.

Some brides have been searching through pinterest and have gathered lots of ideas about what they think they like. Please bring these to share with us. We always sit and have a nice relaxed chat with you initially and this can be a great way to get a feel of you style and the type of things you are drawn to. At the same time please don’t be afraid if you have absolutely no idea what you want! That is what we are here for, to walk you through our collection and try pieces on to see what feels right. It can be great to stay open minded. Lots of brides can often be surprised by what styles suit them.

  1. Wear plain underwear.

This may seem obvious and it’s not a necessity however we do find that wearing the right underwear can be really helpful as the wrong underwear can be distracting. We suggest a nude plain pant and a nude strapless brad would be ideal.

  1. Allow as much time as you can.

This isn’t always possible and we can work to smaller time frames if needed however we suggest starting looking for your dress around 12-18 months before your wedding. Your dress is a key part of the day and really does set the scene for other aspects. The more time we have the more relaxed the process will be.

  1. Most importantly have fun and enjoy the experience!

We are here to aid and help you and ultimately find you something you adore.

picking your dress

Looking forward to meeting you at your appointment

The Noble and Wright Team xx













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